Tint Removal

Home & Office Window Tinting Offer a mobile glass and window tint removal service on the Gold Coast including window film glue removal. This includes window film glue removal and restoring your glass back to its origional condition. Try our mobile window tint removal Gold Coast to Brisbane including surfers paradise, robina, varsity lakes, burleigh heads, broadbeach tint removal tweed heads to window tint & film removal in Brisbane suburbs such as Mount Gravatt, Sunnybank, Logan, Beenleigh, Browns Plains.

Often it is best to get a professional to do some jobs:

If after you have read our tint removal tips page and decide you would like some help we are happy to assist you using professional non scratch blades from Denmark, Dropsheets glue remover and 20 years experience.

If you are wondering how to remove window tinting here are some handy tips for the do it yourself window tinter. So just how do you remove window tinting?

To remove window tint you are going to need some special tools:

You will need stainless steel razor blades, glue remover or methylated spirits and soapy water. Some 000 steel wool and some rags and an old drop sheet will be needed as the removal process especially removing tint from home or residential house windows can be very messy. If you are removing window film from car windows ensure to protect all surfaces that will get wet and where the old glue will drip onto such as the parcel shelf with old towels.

If window tint is still relatively fresh, for example you want to remove some car mirror tinting or some relatively new film or decorative film you don’t like, you can achieve this by peeling back one corner and then you should be able to rip the film off in one go leaving the glue behind.

If the film is old and was originally poor quality it has probably now gone purple or delaminated and you will need to scrape the tint off the house or car window. This is the only way and it is hard work. This is how the professionals take off window tint and it pays to break the sections down and remove tint from the window inch by inch or on flat glass using a 6” stainless steel scraper take off the window tint in strips of about two or three inches.

There is no such product as window tint remover and it is just a messy job that sometimes is best left to the professionals to ensure you don’t scratch the window or glass especially if it is your beloved car.

The glue can then be removed with Glue remover or methylated spirits and stainless steel razor blades. 000 steel wool can also be used to clean glue off when you are removing tint and glue from delicate glass or over the top of demister bars.  For removing tint from car windows you will also need a wallpaper steamer to steam the film off the back window without ruining the demister bars.

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