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Auto window tinting in QLD is almost a necessity these days. In actual fact, there is car window tint on almost every vehicle from Brisbane to the Gold Coast due to the hot sun making it very east to get sunburned. There are a few important factors involved in choosing you car window tint including cost, quaility and the darkest legal shades, not to mention what the current window tinting laws are in QLD. Also the final cost will depend on if you need tint removal. This is generally $50.00 extra minimum and is quite an involved task. Many customers ask if they can do this themselves. The bottom line to that quaestion is that unless you are able to remove all of the window film and glue in its entirety as if the glass was brand new there would be a $50.00 charge for car window tint removal. ( This price applies to a whole vehicle). Our business has all the answers when it comes to tinting your car with two specialised auto window film installerswith over 21 years experience each we know how to get the best street legal tint, corporate or executive feel for your new car, your pride and joy or prestige vehicle. So Make a Booking Now or call us on 1300 658 503 to discuss your needs for example mobile window tinting Gold Coast or Brisbane (requires a clean double garage and you need to allow half a day free for the installer). We can have you car tinted with a lifetime warranty today.

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Lifetime warranty applies to all window film

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