Everyone wants to find the best deal  when making a purchase, - who is offering the best value for money - be it a new car, a lounge suite or window tinting for their home or office windows.

Many window film suppliers are quick to claim to have the lowest price but are reluctant to give you actual pricing - instead they want to get a sales rep into your home or office to do a sales pitch - lured by a free measure and quote offer.

Smart Buyers Tip

Google search allows you to quickly and easily discover who is really offering the best price on window tinting - no need to get hundreds of quotes and enduring pushy sales reps sales pitch .

In Google search enter the word price + film manufacturer name + film name  (eg. "price 3M Prestige 70" or "price ASWF Sky 20") and you can quickly find who has the lowest price. 

There is a reason many suppliers are reluctant to reveal their price but those companies with the lowest price want everyone to know  - they publicise their price and these companies are the top search results.

Try it.